Directions for all Waterproof Stretch Type Bracelets

AcuBracelet has many uses- nausea, stress, insomnia, vertigo, hot flashes, headaches. You can use your band for multiple symptoms when needed. Place acupressure bead onto chosen pressure point prior to or during symptoms.

For motion sickness/nausea wear two bands, one on each wrist, placing wristband two fingers up from wrist crease at pressure point P6 for immediate relief. Only for motion sickness/nausea are two bands required for effectiveness. For all other symptoms a single bracelet is sufficient. 

You can place extra pressure on the bead with your finger during times of intense nausea/stress/panic.

This band can also be used as a simple aversion technique- simply snap the band on your wrist during unwanted behaviors/addictions to help refocus. This technique really works. Google it!

Band should be snug but not uncomfortable.

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