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Hi. My name is Rebecca Swan. I am a single mom of two terrific boys, entrepreneur, ex pro equestrian, liberal and all around creative human being .

My youngest boy was diagnosed with autism in 2008 which changed the course of my life forever. I have never been a stay at home mom or an indoor person. I was a pro equestrian at the age of 19, having my own horse business by the time I was 20. I gave up my career in the horse industry to be around my children as they grew up. I have a BA in psychology although I did not want an actual career in that area. I decide to give a product idea I had in 2003 a chance since I suddenly had no career or job other than being a mom. 

My product idea was Acupressure Bracelets....

When I became pregnant for the second time I was very ill. A combination of morning sickness and dizziness took over my life. I tried everything so I could continue my daily routine but nothing worked. At my wits end I decided to try acupressure wristbands which according to medical studies had a high effectiveness rate with no side effects. Honestly I am amazed how well this product worked for me... relieving all of my symptoms immediately. No joke!

I had utilized acupressure techniques on horses for years with much success. I found it interesting that acupressure relieved many different symptoms of nausea, pain relief, heartburn, insomnia, hot flashes,and anxiety for individuals. After many trials and errors I have finally designed something functional yet stylish. 

Acupressure Bracelets are for people who suffer any type of nausea from motion sickness to treatment related nausea or those who deal with everyday heartburn and stomachaches. I have a few new types of acupressure bracelets that help with insomnia, anxiety, carpal tunnel and hot flashes. Try Acupressure Bracelets.... offering comfort, adjust ability, style, and RELIEF.

I hope that I can continue on my journey of creativity and change to make the world a better place. Love not Hate.

Rebecca Swan

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