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Rebecca Swan Creations Celebrates Deal With Pharma Company Zeramok for RSC Acupressure Bracelet to be Available in Iraq


An increasingly popular health device is the Acupressure Bracelet, a tool that has been credited with fighting off nausea, fatigue and even depression.  Leading company producing these bracelets Rebecca Swan Creations (RSC) recently celebrated their new deal with pharmaceutical compamy Zeramok to make the device available for the first time in Iraq.


March 27, 2016


Finding a simple and cost effective solution for nausea, motion sickness and a long list of other issues – including things like depression, have become much more simple.  Utilizing the science of acupressure many people suffering through these issues have found wearing an Acupressure Bracelet has offered them great relief from these serious problems.  The world is certainly taking notice, with leader in Acupressure Bracelets for Nausea Relief Rebecca Swan Creations (RSC) announcing they just closed an agreement for their bracelets to be available for the first time in Iraq through the pharma company Zeramok.  Iraqis who are suffering from a long list of ailments that have been reported to be treated effectively with acupressure bracelets have responded with enthusiasm.


“We are very happy to see our product soon to be available in Iraq,”  commented Rebecca Swan, owner of the company.  “We are confident that many people will find a whole new quality of life opened up for them, when they get to explore the bracelet's quality and effectiveness.”


According to the company, using the bracelet is side effect free.  An extended list of the ailments the Acupressure Bracelet has been shown to offer relief for, include:  Motion Sickness, Morning Sickness, Treatment Related Nausea, Seasickness, Vertigo, Anxiety, Heartburn, Depression, Stomachaches, and Car Sickness.


Reviews for the Acupressure Bracelet have been very positive.


Michelle S., from Boston, recently said in a five star review, “I have always suffered from car sickness and motion sickness.  The Acupressure Bracelet has removed this completely.  I can't give it high enough praise.”


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Acupressure Works for Cancer Symptoms

According to a new article

The same pressure points utilized for our Acupressure Bracelets help with nausea from treatment related issues.


Acupoint for Reducing Nausea and Vomiting

  • Position your hand so that your palm is facing you. Relax your fingers.
  • Place the first three fingers of your opposite hand across your wrist, aligning your ring finger with the wrist crease (Figure 1). Next, place your thumb below and slightly under your index finger (Figure 2). The thumb should be centered on the wrist and you will feel two prominent tendons underneath. That is acupoint P6.
  • Apply firm pressure to the acupoint for at least three minutes.
  • Repeat on the opposite wrist.
Nausea and vomiting acupoint

Recent Research Studies on Acupressure for Nausea, Headaches, and more

Here are some recent studies on the effectiveness of acupressure bracelets/wristbands on nausea.


These studies prove that acupressure bracelets and wristbands are effective in alleviating nausea from motion sickness to treatment related nausea. If worn correctly acupressure bands will work for you.

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