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A safe and gentle acupressure point bracelet used as a natural therapy to relieve symptoms from many common ailments such as nausea, stress, fatigue, tension headaches, palpitations, motion sickness, wrist pain, hot flashes, vertigo, panic attacks, and body pains. Our bracelets are handcrafted with quality materials manufactured in the USA.

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Everyone experiences moments of anxiety, stress, self- doubt, panic, addictions, or has unwanted behaviors-like biting your nails. The simple "snap" technique can help calm these feelings and re-route your mind with a slight stinging sensation-paired with a simple acupressure bracelet.

How to use-when thinking or feeling panic, anxiety, self doubt you can utilize behavior modification on your own by pulling and snapping the band onto your wrist. You can also add an affirmation with the "snap" of the band saying a word or phrase like "stop!" or "breathe". The idea is to get your mind off of the panic, anxiety, addiction by snapping the band. This process may sting alittle but the sensation will help refocus-redirect your mind. Consistency with this technique is the key to success in creating healthy habits.



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How do acupressure bracelets work? Each bracelet is designed with an acu-bead(s) that place pressure on designated acupoints on your wrist to ease your specific symptoms. These acupoints are easily found with our color-coded hand graph included with each purchase. Demonstration videos, picture graphs and other information can be found in the FAQ's

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