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Train Your Brain with the Rubber Band "Snap" Technique


Anxiety? Panic Attacks? Negative Thoughts?

Everyone experiences anxiety, stress, self- doubt, panic, unwanted thoughts or actions. There are many natural techniques that one can use to help calm these feelings and re-route your mind.

One simple aversion technique is the elastic band snap technique. When thinking or feeling panic, anxiety, self doubt you can utilize behavior modification on your own by pulling and snapping your AcuSnap band on your wrist. You can also add an affirmation with the snap of the band saying a word or phrase like "stop!" or "breathe". The idea is to get your mind off of the panic, anxiety, addiction when the feeling occurs. Snapping the band will sting a little. Consistency with this technique is key to success in calming unwanted feelings or actions.

 rubber band snap technique


When experiencing unwanted behaviors or thoughts simply pull band away from wrist and let go to "snap" it onto your wrist. The sensation of the slight "sting" will refocus your mind and help to create healthy habits-it is a proven behavior modification technique.

rubber band snap technique

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