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AcuSnap Elastic Band Snap Technique Acupressure Bracelet-Addictions-Healthy Habits

AcuSnap Elastic Band Snap Technique Acupressure Bracelet-Addictions-Healthy Habits

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Enhance concentration, relieve stress, and form healthy habits with the AcuSnap Elastic Band Snap Technique Acupressure Bracelet. Made with the powerful technique of acupressure, this bracelet uses a rubber band snap to stimulate pressure points and promote a sense of well-being. Say goodbye to bad habits and hello to a healthier lifestyle.

Try the Snap Technique-Refocus your mind during anxiety, panic, or unwanted behaviors. Simply snap the band against your wrist-the sensation will help reroute your mind and create healthy habits-It's a FACT.

AcuSnap combines acupressure and the "snap" technique which will calm and reroute the mind during intense or uncomfortable situations.

All Natural-No magnets, batteries, or metals. Just simple acupressure with a "snap".

Fast Relief-When correctly worn acupressure bracelets are very effective. Follow directions for rapid relief. Hand graph with acupressure point locations included with every purchase.

Quality Guaranteed-We offer size exchanges, replacements, and refunds for 30 days after receipt. Please contact us for any issue regarding your purchase.


Acupressure Band with the added benefits of the "Snap" Technique

What is the "Snap" Technique?

Anxiety? Panic Attacks? Negative Thoughts?

Everyone experiences anxiety, stress, self- doubt, panic, unwanted thoughts or actions. There are many natural techniques that one can use to help calm these feelings and re-route your mind.

One simple aversion technique is the elastic band snap technique. When thinking or feeling panic, anxiety, self doubt you can utilize behavior modification on your own by pulling and snapping your band on your wrist. You can also add an affirmation with the snap of the band saying a word or phrase like "stop!" or "breathe". The idea is to get your mind off of the panic, anxiety, addiction when the feeling occurs. Snapping the band may sting a little but the sensation will help refocus-redirect your mind. Consistency with this technique is key to success in calming unwanted feelings or actions.

Help relieve stress, anxiety and balance with this discreet, comfortable to wear AcuSnap Bracelet.

Bracelet is worn with the inner acubead placing pressure on specific acupoints (view graph) on the wrist area to relieve anxiety, vertigo, motion sickness, phobias, nausea, stress, headaches, insomnia, migraines, hot flashes, and more.

 AcuPoint Info  for the Acupressure Benefits

FOR MOTION SICKNESS, NAUSEA two bands (pair) worn together IS MOST EFFECTIVE. For all other symptoms ONE BAND is sufficient unless extreme/multiple issues.

H7 aids to treat insomnia, irritability, stress, emotional imbalances, nervousness, anxiety, hyperactivity, palpitations, panic, and forgetfulness.

P7 relieves insomnia, stress, hot flashes (flushes), manic behavior, palpitations, sweating, stomach pain, and vomiting.

LU9 relieves palpitations, stress headaches, nervousness, poor circulation, headache, migraine, and wrist pain.

H6 is used for relieving anxiety, irritability, night sweats, hot flashes, panic attacks.

P6 relieves nausea, motion sickness, morning sickness, carpal tunnel, menstrual cramps, nausea (two bands are best for this point).

LU8 is used for emotional well being, mood.

Materials and General Info-
Elasticated knit banding

May contain LATEX

Bracelets are ¾” in width.

If you are new to acupressure/pressure point therapy allow your body a few days to acclimate and be consistent with use before or during onset of symptoms. Results should occur 1-7 days after regular use.
All natural.
You can wear your band above or below the wrist bone to utilize pressure points.

BRACELET ENDS ARE CRIMPED ^^^ for wear and durability. 

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