Nausea and Anxiety Relief for your Dog with Acupressure

Nausea and Anxiety Relief for your Dog with Acupressure

Introducing our new AcuPup Band. It is an acupressure bracelet for your pet! Calm your dog's anxiety with a simple elasticated acupressure band that easily slips over your dogs leg to easy to locate acupressure points P6/P7/H7-see graph-great for travel nausea, anxiety or stressful situations.

There are three important acupressure points on the wrist of your pet. H7 is located on the outside of the wrist and P6/P7 are on the inside. These three acupressure points calm and relax your pet from symptoms of anxiety, nausea, pain, and times of extreme stress. You can massage your dog on these acupoints to help calm their stress, anxiety and nausea. Our acupressure bands for dogs can help calm them during travel, post operative nausea, times of stress-4th of July, thunderstorms. AcuPup bands should be snug but never tight or uncomfortable for your pet. Make sure you can slip your finger between the band and dog's leg. Acupressure when used properly is effective! These bands are waterproof and durable-You can add essential oils such as lavender or peppermint-these oils are safe for dogs-and have great benefits to help ease your animals anxiety or motion sickness. 

Acupressure for animals is not new to me-I was a professional equestrian for the first 30 years of my life specializing in show jumping horses. Our client's horses would have acupressure and acupuncture sessions to help ease muscle soreness, to realign and adjust their bodies, to calm anxiety and bring relaxation-we saw big benefits from these techniques with both the horses and the riders! Acupressure is an effective natural remedy worth trying.

acupressure graph for dog nausea and anxiety relief

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