Bamboo French Terry Car Seat Neck Pillow with Scent/Aromatherapy Made in The USA

  • $32.95

-Comfort and Support for your Neck: Only 3" in diameter our small pillow supports the natural curvature of the spine and aids with proper spine alignment to help reduce discomfort and fatigue while driving, never pushing your head forward.

-Added Benefits of Aromatherapy: Choose from 6 Essential/Fragrance Oils to soothe and calm the mind while freshening the air. We use high quality organic essential oils made in the USA.

-Organic Bamboo French Terry: Super Soft. Easily tie onto all car seat models. No zippers or metal closures.

-Easy to Clean: Just toss entire pillow into the washing machine on gentle preferably in a lingerie bag. When completed untie side knots and lay flat to dry.

-Scents: When scents fade (1-4 weeks) or after washing untie side knots and add scents of your choice. Add scents/oils directly to the middle core of the foam cushion 20 drops per end. Then re tie knots.

Our NeckBliss Car Pillow is created to provide Neck/Spine support and comfort without pushing your head forward with the factory installed headrest. Only 3” in diameter, like many chiropractic support cylinder rolls, providing the extra support you need while driving long distances or day to day commute/traffic. Aromatherapy added to assist in soothing and calming your mind and body while freshening the surrounding air. Your choice of lavender, lemongrass, sweet orange, rose, jasmine or gardenia. Scents last up to one month then simply add your own. Maintenance- Toss entire pillow into the washing machine on gentle/delicate in a lingerie bag preferably. When finished. Untie knots and lay flat to dry. Never remove foam pillow insert for drying or washing. Adding scents is easy after washing or when scent wears off. Untie side knots and add 20-30 drops of essential oils to center core on both sides. Tie knots and its ready to be used. 10"x 3" diameter, organic bamboo fabric length approx 58" then knotted on sides Can be used as a regular travel pillow for planes, trains or leisure. Tie around neck for circular support. Attach to luggage for easy transport.