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Anti Anxiety Bracelet-Adjustable Acupressure Band-Natural Stress Relief-Amber

Anti Anxiety Bracelet-Adjustable Acupressure Band-Natural Stress Relief-Amber

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Stop Stressing-Try our Handcrafted Anxiety Relief Bracelet-Acupressure has been shown to naturally calm feelings of stress, nausea, panic, vertigo-Our bracelets are fully adjustable and simply attach to themselves. Wear them loose or tight-You decide.

Wear Them to the Office or Out at Night-They look like jewelry but perform like an acupressure bracelet helping to calm nausea, anxiety, hot flashes, panic and vertigo all day long.

Simple and Natural-No magnets, batteries or metals and our banding material is latex free.

Versatile-Our acupressure bracelets can be worn for stress relief, balance, mood support, nausea, fatigue-Find acupressure point locations easily on the wrist.

Naturally relieve common ailments and stress with our handcrafted, comfortable to wear acupressure bracelet. Band is worn with the rounded acubead placing gentle pressure on a chosen acupressure point (view hand graph) which has been shown to calm feelings of anxiety, phobias, stress, headaches, sleeplessness, migraines, hot flashes, nausea and more.

Acupressure Point Information and Location-

H7-sleeplessness, irritability, stress, mood, nervousness, anxiety, hyperactivity, palpitations, fear, and forgetfulness.

P7-sleeplessness, stress, hot flashes, mood, palpitations, sweating, stomach pain, and vomiting.

LU9-palpitations, stress headaches, nervousness, poor circulation, headache, migraine, and wrist pain.

H6-anxiety, irritability, night sweats, panic attacks.

P6-nausea, motion sickness, morning sickness, carpal tunnel.

LU8-emotional well-being.

Top of wrist: TW4/TW5-rheumatism, tendinitis, carpal tunnel.

Material is latex free.

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