Natural nausea relief for motion sickness, travel sickness, stomach issues – Acupressure Bracelets

Adjustable Acupressure Anti Nausea Bracelets (Scuba) Seasickness, Morning Sickness, Anxiety

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Acupressure Bracelets are affiliated with the American Cancer Society.

Clinically proven to alleviate nausea from  motion sickness seasickness, morning sickness, treatment related nausea carsickness heartburn indigestion stomachaches anxiety vertigo  and more .

These bracelets are placed two fingers width from your wrist bone at pressure point P6 (full directions enclosed). The effectiveness of these bracelets depends on proper placement of the pressure bead.

Bracelets are 3/4 inch in width. The material is soft and elasticated with a velcro closure for adjust-ability.

All designs are unique and may vary.

Hand wash only.

This is not a medical device and may not relieve symptoms for some individuals.


 All Sizes are Measured in Wrist Circumference.  When in doubt buy a size larger. 

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