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AcuBalance Women's Health Acupressure Bracelet-Calming Relief From Anxiety, Hot Flashes, Vertigo-Mood Support

AcuBalance Women's Health Acupressure Bracelet-Calming Relief From Anxiety, Hot Flashes, Vertigo-Mood Support

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AcuBalance Women's Health Acupressure Bracelet offers calming relief from anxiety, hot flashes, vertigo, and more. Featuring acupressure technology, this bracelet can help reduce menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and promote positive moods. Get the peace of mind you deserve.


RELIEF OF HOT FLASHES, ANXIETY, INSOMNIA, Stress, Palpitations, Tension Headaches, Panic Attacks, Wrist Pain with Painless Acupressure.

BRACELET ENDS ARE CRIMPED ^^^ for wear and durability. 

MADE IN THE USA. Elasticated. Slip-on style. Waterproof. Not Adjustable.

FULL DIRECTIONS AND GRAPH INCLUDED. Bracelet utilizes acupoints located on the wrist area that are effective in decreasing or completely relieving symptoms. of hot flashes, insomnia, stress, tension headache, irritability, and palpitations naturally. For pressure point locations please view product picture graph. Measure at wrist crease.

NO SIDE EFFECTS. AcuBracelet is the all-natural, non-drowsy, drug free alternative for HOT FLASHES, ANXIETY, SLEEPLESSNESS.

Slip-on, comfortable, elasticated, waterproof acupressure bracelet for natural menopausal symptom relief- 

Band is worn with the bead placing gentle pressure on a chosen acupoint easily located on the wrist area which helps relieve anxiety, motion sickness, phobias, nausea, stress, headaches, insomnia, migraines, hot flashes, vertigo.

Acupoint Locations, Information and Full Directions included-

FOR MENOPAUSE RELATED NAUSEA two bands (pair) worn together IS MOST EFFECTIVE. For all other symptoms ONE BAND is sufficient unless extreme/multiple issues.

H7 aids to relieve insomnia, irritability, stress, emotional imbalances, nervousness, anxiety, hyperactivity, palpitations, panic, and forgetfulness.

P7 relieves insomnia, stress, hot flashes (flushes), manic behavior, palpitations, sweating, stomach pain, and vomiting.

LU9 relieves palpitations, stress headaches, nervousness, poor circulation, headache, migraine, and wrist pain.

H6 calms anxiety, irritability, hot flashesnight sweats, panic attacks.

P6 relieves nausea, motion sickness, morning sickness, carpal tunnel, menstrual cramps, nausea (two bands are best for this point).

LU8 promotes emotional well being, mood.

Materials and General Info-
Elasticated banding

May contain LATEX

Bracelets are ¾” in width.

Not adjustable.

If you are new to acupressure/pressure point therapy allow your body a few days to acclimate and be consistent with use before or during onset of symptoms. Results should occur 1-7 days after regular use.
All natural.
You can wear your band above or below the wrist bone to utilize pressure points.


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