Nausea/Motion Sickness Bracelets INFUSED with Pure Essential Oils (pair) blue - Acupressure Bracelets
Nausea/Motion Sickness Bracelets INFUSED with Pure Essential Oils (pair) blue - Acupressure Bracelets
Nausea/Motion Sickness Bracelets INFUSED with Pure Essential Oils (pair) blue - Acupressure Bracelets

Nausea/Motion Sickness Bracelets INFUSED with Pure Essential Oils (pair) blue

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Our NEW Nausea/Motion Sickness Bracelets infused with pure essential oils of your choice.


4 therapeutic grade essential oils;

lavender (insomnia, anxiety, nausea, tension headache, hot flashes, allergies), peppermint (nausea, motion sickness, indigestion, tension headache, hot flashes, allergies), sweet orange (antidepressant, enhances immunity, sedative), lemongrass (pain relief, antidepressant, insect repellent).


Natural Nausea Relief for Motion Sickness, Seasickness, Carsickness, Heartburn, Indigestion, Anxiety, Vertigo plus the ADDED BENEFITS of Aromatherapy.


Long Lasting and NEVER looses elasticity like the pull on types.


Two Pressure Point Options (P6, H7) for Adults and Children for symptoms.  No copper, magnets or latex.


Fully Adjustable and Easy to Use. Bracelets are to be worn on both wrists and come in a pair.


High Customer Satisfaction/30 Day Money Back Guarantee for all eligible items


Use in Wet/Dry conditions. Metal loops give added support for active users; swimming, sleeping, illnesses.



Extra Strength Acupressure Bracelets Infused with Essential Oils of your choice.

Natural Nausea Relief of Motion Sickness, Carsickness, Seasickness, Treatment Related Nausea, Heartburn, Anxiety, Indigestion, Vertigo and the ADDED BENEFITS of aromatherapy.

Easy to use Acupressure with two different pressure point options (P6 or H7, both located at/near wrist crease) for instant nausea relief. Evidence shows that pressure point H7 works well for children’s anxiety/nausea/nervousness. Full directions with diagrams and video links included.

Essential oils are added to the banding material on the top side (not touching the skin) opposite the acupressure bead. The scent will diffuse all day long for up to 2 weeks. When your scent wears off add any essential/fragrance oils of your choice onto the top part of the bracelet. 3-5 drops only. The oil side of the band never touches your skin. The oils ARE SAFE for contact with your skin directly.

Certified Medical Banding Material Manufactured in the USA. Bracelets are ¾” in width. Simple Velcro Closure for Adjust Ability. Added metal loop secures the end of the closure. Just slide.The pressure bead can be moved for individual comfort or to center properly for your wrist size. Just unsnap and re snap.

4 sizes offered; small/child 6.5”, medium 8”, large 9” and x large 10”. All sizes measured in wrist circumference and are true to size. WHEN IN DOUBT PURCHASE A SIZE LARGER.


Clinically proven to work. If you are new to acupressure/pressure point therapy allow your body a few days to acclimate and be consistent with use before or during onset of symptoms. Results should occur 1-7 days after regular use.

Bracelets should be snug not tight. When you attach your band for wear never allow the Velcro to grab the very end of the material as it may cause fray. If you notice an impression on your skin from the pressure bead it is completely normal.

Please wash your hands after applying your bracelets.

If you need assistance with your purchase please contact seller directly.  Feel better <3

Please read all directions prior to use/wear.

Acupressure Bracelets are NOT considered a medical device and may NOT relieve symptoms for some individuals.

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