Bead Bracelet Adjustable, Insomnia Bracelet, Nausea Band, Nausea Bracelet, Stress Relief Gift, Bracelet Gift, Anxiety Bracelet, Anxiety Gift (single)

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Natural Relief of Multiple Symptoms; Anxiety, Palpitations, Insomnia, Tension Headache, Nervousness, Stress, Hyperactivity, Carpal Tunnel, Wrist Pain, Arthritis Using Painless Pressure Point Therapy

Hook and Loop Closure with Metal Loop Support. Our products feature VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

High Customer Satisfaction/30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Multiple Pressure Points. No side effects and can be used with current treatments.

5 sizes measured at wrist crease. Sizes are measured in wrist circumference.

Can be worn in wet/dry conditions.

H7/H6/P7/LU9/P6 Pressure Points: Underside of wrist.

H7(anxiety/phobia/insomnia/sweating/hot flashes).
P7 (palpitations/insomnia/carpal tunnel/stomach pain).
LU9(headache/migraine/wrist pain).
H6(menopausal symptoms/irritability/hot flashes/panic attacks).
P6(wrist pain/nausea/motion sickness)

TW4/TW5 Pressure Points: Topside of wrist/arm
These two points on the top portion of your wrist/arm help treat rheumatism, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, tennis wrist pain and strengthens the wrist.


Acupressure Beads place pressure on all three points in the wrist crease area.

Bracelets should be worn loosely snug, NOT tight. It is important that you wear the bracelets properly for effectiveness.

The pressure beads can be moved for individual comfort or to center properly for your wrist size. Just unsnap and re snap.
When you attach your band for wear do not allow the Velcro tab to grab the very end of the material as it may cause fray.
If you notice an impression on your skin from the pressure beads it is completely normal.
All Acupressure Bracelets are made of certified medical banding material manufactured in the USA with metal loop closure for support.
Wear one or two bracelets at a time. Depends on user preference and severity of symptoms.

If you are new to acupressure please give your body a few days to acclimate and be consistent with use before or during onset of symptoms.

Quick repair: If the Velcro closure should loosen, hot iron on highest steam setting with cloth between iron and Velcro for up to 60 seconds, press hard to reattach the Velcro to the bracelet. Never let the Velcro touch handcrafted designs. Store with Velcro attached to bracelets.

This product is a natural remedy NOT a medical device and may not work for all people.

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