Coming out with new items

Fashionable Anti Nausea Bracelets

I have been thinking of new designs and such for these anti nausea bracelets because, in my opinion, if you have to wear them you should enjoy them. I personally had to wear them everyday and at the time was a full time horse trainer. We were at competitions on a regular basis and I wished I had fashionable anti nausea bracelets but hey... those Sea Bands works wonders for me. Sea Bands saved my life when I had vertigo and nausea.

I make all kinds of things... out of nowhere...never made anything or knew how to sew. I was always artistic but never like this. Maybe its my age and/or my two boys that have driven me to this creative thing I do. I make anti nausea bracelets that are comfortable, adjustable, and fashionable. They are of my own design and I am proud of them. I hope that they help any and all people who try them.